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Simulator Hire Prices

Please note: Bay 2 is right hand only

We are open Monday to Saturday


Monday to Saturday
£20.00Per Hour


Monday to Saturday
£30.00Per Hour

Bay 1 is dual handed and is equipped with bunker and rough mats. Bay 2 is right hand only and provides the opportunity for you to use your own preferred balls, provided they are clean.

Hire clubs are available from reception

Set of hire clubs – £5.00 per hour

Sharing of golf clubs is permitted

Terms & Conditions

Booking a Simulator

For the quickest and most convenient way of booking a simulator, we recommend using our online booking system to avoid any disappointment. Up to four people can use a bay at a time. Minimum booking length is one hour. An extra payment can be made upon arrival for bookings of a 5th and/or a 6th player.

We ask that people booking a golf simulator are competent at playing golf and understand the general rules and etiquette of golf. Anyone booking a prepaid session who has never played before, may be asked to vacate their golf bay without any refunds. The lead booker is completely responsible for the people participating in their booking and will be fully liable for any damage caused. Please call us directly if you are new to golf and would like to get involved – 01675 238200.

Children up to the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. It is the adults responsibility for the child at all times whilst on the premises.

All golf equipment and golf shoes/trainers must be clean and free from any dirt and debris. Golf club hire is available from reception. 


  1. Virtual Golf cannot accept any liability for accidents, injury, or misadventure. Simulator users are responsible for making their own insurance agreements in respect of any injuries suffered or caused to them, or caused by them to any third party.
  2. Virtual Golf cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of or damage to property belonging to any Inside Golf customers.
  3. Virtual Golf cannot accept any liability for stray shots and/or bounce backs that may or may not occur from time to time.


  • Extra care must be taken when swinging golf clubs and ensure other people are a safe distance away before playing your shot.
  • Keep all swings within the bay and on the golf mat only and that only one person is swinging a club at any one time.
  • Be mindful of potential bounce back of the balls after they have been hit.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds and Rescheduling

Once you have booked a prepaid appointment with us, it means that we have reserved that time in our booking calendar exclusively for you. If you cancel your appointment less than 48 hours before it is scheduled to take place, you will not, under any circumstances be entitled to a refund. If you want to cancel or reschedule your booking you can do this without penalty, as long as you make this request sooner than 48 hours before it is scheduled to take place.